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Meet the dudes at Traffic Monsoon.

First, What is Traffic Monsoon?

Building your website is one thing, but if you want to see any ROI from your content you have to think about traffic. You need lots of it, but that’s only half the story. You need the right kind of traffic…targeted traffic.

For the MLM crowd, that’s a tall order: the competition is razor-sharp and the internet is clogged with junk offers, scams, and all kinds of noise.

Charles Scoville’s Traffic Monsoon platform aims to provide a practical solution to this dilemma for online marketers targeting the work-from-home crowd.

Charles Scoville has created a winning product with an apt marketing message.

It’s a well-timed product for a market that’s ripe to snatch up any lead generation help they can get. And Charles Scoville, as founder and CEO of Traffic Monsoon, has moved right in there with a beautifully orchestrated advertising campaign that’s only slightly garish. It’s aggressive in all the right ways and it gets the job done (1).

But you can’t help notice that even with a product people want, a proven platform that works to generate targeted traffic for members, and a legion of loyal followers, Mr. Scoville still finds it necessary to exploit the heck out of the fact that he’s a parent (2).

Is playing the parent card really necessary?

Everything is for his son, he proclaims in an interview with Adrian Hibbert, one of his loyal followers and Traffic Monsoon advocates. Even Traffic Monsoon reviews are starting to call him out.

The dot com version of his self-titled website ( features a front-and-center image of him and his son, one which seems more appropriate for a Facebook post than the website of a business owner offering an important product.

CS cites his son as prime driver of his vision in creating Traffic Monsoon. He states clearly on his website(s) that his desire to keep his son out of daycare was the goal of creating Traffic Monsoon. That comes closely on the heels of his declaration that his Christian and family values contributed to his success.

Here’s what the pros say about marketing to moms.

Clearly, Mr.Scoville is trying to reach a target demographic with all the son talk. It’s the classic work-from-home mother who wants to make some extra cash while homebound with children.

But is he doing it right?  Experts (3) (4) agree that advertisers need to speak the language of moms and to do it in a place where moms frequent. The language of moms is based on “emotional buying” which is facilitated by videos, podcasts, and demos rather than specs and banner blasts.

Charles Scoville has peppered his websites with mentions of his son, but that’s where it ends. His blog doesn’t get into it any further- making it clear he’s not that interested in sharing the details of his son’s life with any would-be followers. And mention of religion probably does more harm than good.

“It’s just tacky. I don’t feel inspired by that kind of marketing” Jason Face said, who also serves as a board member at Kill Your MLM.

In an otherwise solid marketing campaign for his Traffic Monsoon product, the parenting card is awkward, flimsy, and ineffective.

Either way, we thank Traffic Monsoon for their partnership.


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