AutoCON 2017 Sponsors: Draft Kings, Nugenix, others

AutoCON 2017 is just around the corner.

Ready to meet the new sponsors?

Draft Kings is a football fantasy contest played on daily or weekly basis, and they’re the #1 sponsor this year.

It’s owned by Rotowire Inc in Boston MA, inviting players from all over the world to participate in the short sports contests and win real money. The fantasy football contest is completely legal in all its dealings and available in most American States.

So How Does Draft Kings Work?

Draft kings sportsTo participate in Draft Kings, one has to sign up with a username and email on the official website.

After setting up an account, it gets credited with $50,000 that goes to team salary. Being an online gambling website, one has to be 18 years and above to open an account. (If you can’t grow a beard yet, you’re too young)

New players have the option of starting with free games for practice or go straight to the paid contests. A player then chooses a sport of their choice-football, baseball, hockey, basketball or college basketball and football- and comes up with a team line-up.

Each team player is awarded a salary based on their skill level, and your credits are deducted when a player gets their pay. To ensure the game is fair to all, players joining Draft Kings receive exactly $50,000 they are supposed to manage throughout their gambling.

Once that is set, players can watch their teams go out to battle. Draft Kings is supported on laptops, desktops, tablets and smartphones. Each player can monitor their teams live and watch how the stats roll as the game continues. At the end of the games, wins are credited to the player’s account, with an option of withdrawing funds with two business days.

Types of Contests in Draft Kings
Players can enter the Freeroll contest, where they won’t be charged anything and have ample time to learn the game.

The Guaranteed Prize Pool or GPP is a contest normally highlighted in orange in the gaming lobbies. In GPP contest, a player gets an entire payout regardless of whether the contest game was filled out.

Some Draft Kings enthusiasts credit their success to trendy nootropic supplements and brain enhancers.

The opposite of GPP is Sit N Go, where the game is closed if the contest doesn’t fill to the required capacity. The player gets refunded immediately they money they bet.

Then there is Double Up where players are doubled their initial amounts but then paid equally at the end of the game. Another contest is Qualifier, where the player uses tickets to enter their contest and they can later redeem these tickets to enter in other paid contests. Multi-entry allows several teams to contest in the same game with varied results at the end. Winner Takes All is the last contest where, as the name suggests, only one player takes home the prize.

According to the US legislation, through the Unlawful Internet Enforcement Act, Draft Kinds is considered a legal sport since its entirely a game of skill and chance. Player participation is required to win the game at the end, as opposed to sports gambling where players bet for end outcomes. The sports fantasy game has been featured in Forbes, The Boston Globe, TechCrunch as well as the Wall Street Journal.

Currently, it has a social media following of approximately 6000 likes on Facebook and 4100 followers on Twitter.

Nugenix, another sponsor, recently rolled out a new product that helps boost testosterone in aging men. They are one of the hottest supplement companies right now.

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