AutoCON 2017 Sponsors: Draft Kings, Nugenix, others

AutoCON 2017 is just around the corner.

Ready to meet the new sponsors?

Draft Kings is a football fantasy contest played on daily or weekly basis, and they’re the #1 sponsor this year.

It’s owned by Rotowire Inc in Boston MA, inviting players from all over the world to participate in the short sports contests and win real money. The fantasy football contest is completely legal in all its dealings and available in most American States.

So How Does Draft Kings Work?

Draft kings sportsTo participate in Draft Kings, one has to sign up with a username and email on the official website.

After setting up an account, it gets credited with $50,000 that goes to team salary. Being an online gambling website, one has to be 18 years and above to open an account. (If you can’t grow a beard yet, you’re too young)

New players have the option of starting with free games for practice or go straight to the paid contests. A player then chooses a sport of their choice-football, baseball, hockey, basketball or college basketball and football- and comes up with a team line-up.

Each team player is awarded a salary based on their skill level, and your credits are deducted when a player gets their pay. To ensure the game is fair to all, players joining Draft Kings receive exactly $50,000 they are supposed to manage throughout their gambling.

Once that is set, players can watch their teams go out to battle. Draft Kings is supported on laptops, desktops, tablets and smartphones. Each player can monitor their teams live and watch how the stats roll as the game continues. At the end of the games, wins are credited to the player’s account, with an option of withdrawing funds with two business days.

Types of Contests in Draft Kings
Players can enter the Freeroll contest, where they won’t be charged anything and have ample time to learn the game.

The Guaranteed Prize Pool or GPP is a contest normally highlighted in orange in the gaming lobbies. In GPP contest, a player gets an entire payout regardless of whether the contest game was filled out.

Some Draft Kings enthusiasts credit their success to trendy nootropic supplements and brain enhancers.

The opposite of GPP is Sit N Go, where the game is closed if the contest doesn’t fill to the required capacity. The player gets refunded immediately they money they bet.

Then there is Double Up where players are doubled their initial amounts but then paid equally at the end of the game. Another contest is Qualifier, where the player uses tickets to enter their contest and they can later redeem these tickets to enter in other paid contests. Multi-entry allows several teams to contest in the same game with varied results at the end. Winner Takes All is the last contest where, as the name suggests, only one player takes home the prize.

According to the US legislation, through the Unlawful Internet Enforcement Act, Draft Kinds is considered a legal sport since its entirely a game of skill and chance. Player participation is required to win the game at the end, as opposed to sports gambling where players bet for end outcomes. The sports fantasy game has been featured in Forbes, The Boston Globe, TechCrunch as well as the Wall Street Journal.

Currently, it has a social media following of approximately 6000 likes on Facebook and 4100 followers on Twitter.

Nugenix, another sponsor, recently rolled out a new product that helps boost testosterone in aging men. They are one of the hottest supplement companies right now.

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Tactical LED Flashlight: The Top Essential Tool To Have In Your Car

led flashlights for tactical usesTactical flashlights are often associated with guns as they are normally mounted on for low light shooting.

The word tactical simply means that the flashlights are primarily designed for military and police use. That said this flashlight use extends beyond the police and the military and many people have embraced this powerful tool and have found various uses for it in their day to day lives.

A tactical flashlight resembles the traditional flashlight that most people keep to use when they have no power supply for one reason or the other. Unlike the traditional flashlight however, this one is much smaller making it more portable and emits more light. Top Tactical LED flashlights are also made using weapon grade aluminum which makes them hardy and durable.

How to Use a Tactical Flashlight?

Given that a flashlight’s primary role is to produce light, you can use this flashlight to illuminate in the dark in case of an emergency. Whether your lights just went off or you need to change a flat tyre in the middle of nowhere a tactical flashlight will provide that light that you need and you will not have to grope in the dark or call for help when you can deal with the situation at hand with adequate lighting.

Another way that you can use this flashlight and possibly the main reason why the flashlight has been receiving a lot of attention is for self-defense. When used right, this flashlight works as a great defense tool. On its own the flashlight provides enough light to illuminate dark areas that most attackers use to have an advantage over their targets. Carrying and using your flashlight in a dark alley will discourage most attackers who can only function under the cover of darkness. The flashlight will also help you clearly identify an attacker before you can walk right into a dangerous situation.

The light emitted by the tactical flashlight also serves to temporarily blind the attacker which allows enough time to maneuver and take appropriate action. For this to work you have to shine the light in the attackers eyes and naturally their first response will be to keep the blinding light out of their sight as opposed to attacking you. Bright light temporarily disorients the attacker and in turn given you an upper hand in a situation that would have been desperate without the light.

Aside from being a great light source this flashlight also doubles up as a striking tool and can be used in the event of an attack. The fact that it is made of aluminum means that it will have more impact than a plastic flashlight. This tactic should however be applied when you are sure that you can overpower the attacker otherwise you may just provide the attacker with the right tool to do more than the intended damage.

For gun owners this flashlight serves the intended purpose which is to provide enough light to locate a target in the dark. Whether for illumination in the dark or for self-defense a use a military-grade tactical flashlight is a great tool to have especially when venturing outside.

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Parts Ol partners with Traffic Monsoon for AutoCON

Who is the most recent sponsor of AutoCON?

Meet the dudes at Traffic Monsoon.

First, What is Traffic Monsoon?

Building your website is one thing, but if you want to see any ROI from your content you have to think about traffic. You need lots of it, but that’s only half the story. You need the right kind of traffic…targeted traffic.

For the MLM crowd, that’s a tall order: the competition is razor-sharp and the internet is clogged with junk offers, scams, and all kinds of noise.

Charles Scoville’s Traffic Monsoon platform aims to provide a practical solution to this dilemma for online marketers targeting the work-from-home crowd.

Charles Scoville has created a winning product with an apt marketing message.

It’s a well-timed product for a market that’s ripe to snatch up any lead generation help they can get. And Charles Scoville, as founder and CEO of Traffic Monsoon, has moved right in there with a beautifully orchestrated advertising campaign that’s only slightly garish. It’s aggressive in all the right ways and it gets the job done (1).

But you can’t help notice that even with a product people want, a proven platform that works to generate targeted traffic for members, and a legion of loyal followers, Mr. Scoville still finds it necessary to exploit the heck out of the fact that he’s a parent (2).

Is playing the parent card really necessary?

Everything is for his son, he proclaims in an interview with Adrian Hibbert, one of his loyal followers and Traffic Monsoon advocates. Even Traffic Monsoon reviews are starting to call him out.

The dot com version of his self-titled website ( features a front-and-center image of him and his son, one which seems more appropriate for a Facebook post than the website of a business owner offering an important product.

CS cites his son as prime driver of his vision in creating Traffic Monsoon. He states clearly on his website(s) that his desire to keep his son out of daycare was the goal of creating Traffic Monsoon. That comes closely on the heels of his declaration that his Christian and family values contributed to his success.

Here’s what the pros say about marketing to moms.

Clearly, Mr.Scoville is trying to reach a target demographic with all the son talk. It’s the classic work-from-home mother who wants to make some extra cash while homebound with children.

But is he doing it right? Experts (3) (4) agree that advertisers need to speak the language of moms and to do it in a place where moms frequent. The language of moms is based on “emotional buying” which is facilitated by videos, podcasts, and demos rather than specs and banner blasts.

Charles Scoville has peppered his websites with mentions of his son, but that’s where it ends. His blog doesn’t get into it any further- making it clear he’s not that interested in sharing the details of his son’s life with any would-be followers. And mention of religion probably does more harm than good.

“It’s just tacky. I don’t feel inspired by that kind of marketing” Jason Face said, who also serves as a board member at Kill Your MLM.

In an otherwise solid marketing campaign for his Traffic Monsoon product, the parenting card is awkward, flimsy, and ineffective.

Either way, we thank Traffic Monsoon for their partnership.


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How To Quality For Le-Vel Thrive Experience Auto Bonus

In today’s day and age, it is easier than ever to become bogged down and exhausted. Fortunately, however, there is a new product line that was created for the specific purpose of boosting the average individual’s overall health and allowing consumers to lead a healthy and efficient lifestyle.


The 8-week THRIVE Experience, created by Le-Vel, is guaranteed to allow you to reach your peak physical and emotional health, and it will do so in a safe and effective manner. This product line has something to offer absolutely everyone, and we guarantee that you will fall in love with it once you officially give it a try.

The Different Benefits You Can Enjoy From the THRIVE Experience


The THRIVE Experience is one of the most versatile health programs to have ever been created. Whether you are looking to lose a substantial amount of weight, increase and strengthen your overall health, or support the creation of lean muscle within your body, the THRIVE experience lifestyle plan is able to help you accomplish each and every one of your goals. Although every individual winds up having varying results when they use these products, a majority of users are happy with the top quality, high impact results from this plan.


Essentially, it is up to every individual user to decide what he or she would like to focus on when completing the 8-week THRIVE Experience. Your results will mainly depend on which specific area of your life needs the most help, and it is also up to you to make sure that you spend a proper amount of time focusing on your goals.


As you can see, it can be difficult to describe the overall effects of the THRIVE Experience, simply because there are so many different possibilities for this program. Thus, in order to truly see how effective this lifestyle plan is, one must experience it for him or herself.

How To Successfully Complete the THRIVE Experience


The THRIVE Experience is composed of a variety of different products, including different capsules, a shake mix, and Premium Lifestyle Derma Fusion Technology. This is one of the main reasons why this program manages to be so effective, as it entails the use of numerous different types of tactics rather than just relying on one or two similar supplements. Additionally, the products that an individual uses are also determined based on gender identification, making this lifestyle plan incredibly specialized and efficient.


The THRIVE Experience is meant for all types of individuals, no matter gender, age, lifestyle, health, or profession. It is an incredibly versatile health plan, and it has the ability to address a multitude of issues, while still managing to remain affordable and safe. All of Le-Vel’s products, including those that are a part of the THRIVE Experience, are held to certain health and safety standards, making them incredibly dependable. When you partake in this program, you never have to worry about suffering from detrimental side effects or your body reacting negatively with these pills, shakes, and other assorted supplements. There truly is no end to the number of benefits that come from completing this 8-week program.



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